2024 EVO 250 | 300 | 300 SS 2T



Beta builds the best trials bikes in the world. Our Evo 2-Stroke editions are the top seller of Trials bikes in the USA for a good reason. Evo models offer versatility for any type of Trials terrain & give all experience levels the right fit for their needs. 

Evo 250 is a perfect model for the all-around rider. Experienced or not, this popular model provides riders with just the right amount of power and torque. The aluminum chassis and fuel cell allows for tight turning and a very nimble feel. 

Evo 300 is Beta’s flagship model. This best-selling model packs a punch when needed. Designed for the more aggressive and/or experienced rider, the Evo 300 will impress clubman riders as well as top level Pros.  

Evo 300 SS stands for Super Smooth. Derived from the standard 300 model with an added heavy-weight flywheel, different ECU tuning as well as a special exhaust makes this model shine in muddy conditions. An excellent choice for larger adults starting out in the sport of trial. The SS’s ultra-smooth power delivery and large amount of torque will tackle most all obstacles trials has to offer with out the heavier power delivery. 

The new electronic key is a two-part component: One part remains fastened to the bike’s handlebars, while the other is magnetic (worn by the rider with a cord around his or her wrist), activating a mechanism in the event it is disconnected. Unlike a normal kill-switch, however, the new electronic key also incorporates an anti-theft function, preventing the bike from being started when disconnected, thanks to coding that uniquely links the bike to the key, protecting against theft of the motorcycle when it is left unattended. Greater protection for the bike and rider, in a single solution exclusively patented by Betamotor, comes for the first time as standard equipment.

Features: Six speed transmission, hydro-formed aluminum frame, tight turning radius, hydraulic clutch, hard coated front tubes, tubeless rear tire, domino grips, optimized radiator grill for better air flow, improved carburetion and ignition mapping.