Beta's Frequently Asked Questions

 The BYOB Program is currently on hold.  We hope to resume the program shortly. 
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Q: How long will it take to ship my BYOB bike to the dealer that I choose?
A: Your new Beta will ship out roughly 3-5 weeks after it is ordered depending on the build times. You will receive an email from Beta USA stating what week your build is scheduled to start. 


Q: If I have more questions before I leave a deposit, how do I contact Beta?
A: You can send an email to sends e-mail) and leave your phone number. You will receive a response the next business day from a Beta representative. 


Q: How can I determine my “Out The Door” price?
A: You will be contacted by your Beta dealer in 1-2 business days after you have left your deposit. He or she will provide you with the total out the door price with local sales tax and set-up fees.


Q: It says my deposit is refundable. How long is my deposit refundable?
A: Deposits are refundable up until the build is started. Most builds will begin about 10-15 days after the deposit is taken.


Q: What happens if I do not choose a dealer of choice?
A: You must select a Beta dealer to purchase your BYOB as you will be purchasing it from that dealer of choice. Please choose a dealer close to you to help keep the business local.


Q: Will the BYOB program void my warranty?
A: No, your Beta’s warranty will be the same as a stock Beta.


Q: Do I receive the stock parts back?
A: Some stock parts will be returned/included with your shipment such as the stock clutch if you ordered a Rekluse or your stock suspension springs. Other parts are not returned due to help cover the labor for the special build.


Q: What will my BYOB Name Plate look like?
A: Your BYOB Name Plate will look similar to the example sown below and can be either your name or nickname.