Joe Wasson

Birthday: 4/20/1993

Race Bike: 480 RR Race

Class/Series: National Hare and Hound & West Hare Scrambles 

Other hobbies: Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Mountain biking and hanging with the family

Favorite race: Oreana 100  

Favorite song/Musician: Sail 

Favorite food: Sushi 

Turn-offs: Cocky people

As a kid my whole family was involved in racing. We owned a motocross track so I grew up racing dirt bikes (It was all my family did) Around 12 I really didn't quite enjoy riding like I used to, so I quit riding altogether. Took a break until I was 22 and a buddy talked me into buying a dirt bike and suggested I get back into racing, so I figured why not! Went out and raced the first local desert race and got 5th overall! That was enough to make me chase the dream again!!!